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Binary MLM Plan

Binary MLM Plan is one of the most popular MLM Plans that exist in the world of network marketing. Binary MLM Plan income considered as 1:1, 2:1 or 1:2 matching pair. The best example of its architecture can be a simple infinite binary tree.

It means that here people can hire only 2 people under them. Nevertheless, every member can have a Downline, and there, one can own a lot indirectly. In this type of network, the first levels are referred to as Business Centres. It is a very efficient plan, and its infinite length feature is great. As stated above, the process is very simple.

Binary Plan MLM Software in Sangli

Initially, one person gets to have 2 persons under him/her and when the third member joins, he/she simply joins as a member working under one of the two members who had been mentioned. Due to this nature, it is called as slip-over binary MLM plan. When it comes to calculation of the profits, it is done by a compound process.

The basic principle remains same and in order to understand it, considers the two part of the tree as right leg and left leg. Now in the case of Binary MLM plans, priority is given to the one that offers more profit. Therefore, the suppliers tend to offer more resources and help certain parts more than they offer for the others.

    Features of Binary MLM Plan:
  • Simplicity
  • Spill Over
  • Unlimited Depth
  • Volume Driven Plan
  • More than one business center

At MLM Software Sangli we support you for setting up your own Binary MLM Plan so that you can manage and develop your chain easily. Feel Free to Contact our Tech Support Team at any time you like and get the 100% support that you have been looking out for your query.